What To Know About Tax Resolution Assistance

Being a taxpayer is one of the most fearful things to do, as there is always the risk of getting audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, working is not something that most people can avoid due to the need to pay for the necessary living expenses. A tax return can be audited for little to no reason, such as part of a random routine that the IRS performs to catch fraudsters. If you are stressed out to the max about getting audited and do not know how to resolve the situation, hire a tax resolution professional to assist with sorting things out. You can be penalized by the IRS for not resolving the issues that they are concerned about, but you have the right to contest their concerns as well.

The Most Common Concerns of the IRS 

Paying less money than what is owed is one of the biggest concerns that the IRS commonly has with taxpayers. Such a situation might arise when a taxpayer does not report the full amount of income that he or she made during a tax year. Failing to file a tax return is another common concern of the IRS that could lead to getting penalized. Whether you are being accused of something minor or major, hiring a tax consultant is worth doing. A tax consultant can provide a deeper explanation as to why you have been audited and what should be done.

Protesting an Income Tax Transcript

Just because the IRS presents a transcript during an audit, it does not mean that the information is completely accurate. A transcript can contain inaccurate calculations that make it seem as though a taxpayer is trying to commit fraud. A tax consultant can assist with protesting your tax transcript to help you get justice. A protest can help you to avoid paying money that you do not owe or facing other penalties. In the worst-case scenario, an inaccurate transcript can lead to jail time that is not deserved.

Pay Your Back Taxes Without Struggling

If you actually owe the IRS money, do not stress yourself out regarding how the money will be paid. A tax resolution consultant can communicate with the IRS to produce a plan that makes paying the money easier. For example, your income can be mentioned to show that paying the money back will make it difficult for you to survive. An installment agreement or establishing a non-collectible status could make your tax situation less stressful.

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