Having Tax Problems? 4 Things To Ask Your Tax Resolution Specialist

If you are having tax problems, you need to turn to a tax resolution specialist. They are professionals who can help you figure out and deal with tax-related issues. When you find a tax resolution specialist, there are a few things you need to ask them.

The Documentation They Need to Proceed with Your Case

First, you need to bring all your documents that you have related to the taxes that are an issue. For example, you need to get together a copy of the tax documents that you filed. You also need all the supporting document that went with your taxes for that year.

For example, you need copies of your W2s and 1099s. If you took any deductions or credits, such as a mortgage deduction, or a deduction for paying interest on your student loans, you need documentation of everything you claimed on your taxes. Your tax resolution specialist is going to need to look over all your documentations in order to fix and work on your taxes.

What You Can Do If You Don't Have the Right Documentation

If you don't have the right documentation, you can work with your tax resolution specialist to get the right documentation. Oftentimes, the right documentation exists, you just need to find it.

For example, any formal tax documents will have been sent not only to you, but to the IRS as well. Your tax resolution specialist can request documents from the IRS for things such as your 1099 or your W2s if you don't have those documents.

Let your tax specialist know what documents you don't have and listen to how they will help you figure out and get those documents.

What Will the Service Cost

Next, you need to find out what the service is going to cost. You should ask your tax resolution specialist how they will charge you. The way that tax resolution specialists charge can vary greatly across industry professionals. Some charge by the hour, and others will charge based on the depth of the project or the size of your tax returns. Make sure you know what the service costs before you agree to work with them.

How Long Will the Process Take

Finally, ask your tax specialist how long the resolution process will take. Your tax specialist may not be able to give you an exact date, as the resolution process depends upon replies from the government, which are not always given in a timely manner. However, they should be able to let you know how straightforward or complex the case is, and how much time they think they will have to spend working on your case to get a resolution.

If you find yourself facing tax problems, you need to work with a personal tax resolution specialist who works every day with tax issues and will know how to fix your issues.

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